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Weekend Break With My WJacket

by Alison F.

After a few stressful weeks at work, I knew it was time for a getaway. I decided on a weekend in a classic country house by a lake. I'm a big fan of reconnecting with nature and taking a time-out from city life.

Packing Light Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds 

Anyone who's taken a weekend break knows the importance of packing as little as possible. It's not always easy to decide what key pieces to take, but it's so much better than hauling around an oversized suitcase around. One thing I knew I had to pack was my Windbreaker.

Getting Caught In The Rain

Picture this, it's the middle of the afternoon and you're on a hike through the forest within seconds it starts raining. What do you do? Well carrying a Windbreaker is probably the first thing. Luckily I packed my Windbreaker in my backpack. It's so light and easily folds up to fit in almost any bag. The best part was that because it's windproof I didn't even feel cold once the weather took a turn for the worst.

Always Prepared For Anything

In the end, my friend ended up becoming sick since she got soaked during our hike. On the other hand, I was fine, even my hair and makeup were intact! It can be a big spoiler to have your day ruined because of a little rain. So the moral of the story is don't forget your Windbreaker. 

No matter whether I'm going to the gym or for a short break, I've learned to always carry it with me. It's so useful in so many situations and it's really the perfect jacket for short trips on rainy weekends. 

Alison F.
Alison F.